Restoring SYS wallet and masternode trough Private keys

Hello. Hope somebody can guide me trough

In 2018 I lost my Hdd and private keys form my Sys wallet and masternode.
Yesterday I found them and tried to restore qt wallet. I believe I used wallet version 3… and now is 4…
I went to console and added importprivkey and received - this type of wallet does not support this command. Then I downloaded sys 3 qt and import private key, then downloaded new versions of qt but cannot sync correctly wallet but i see my masternode ammount.

Can anyone guide me ? Many thanks

When you createe a new wallet in SYS4 you have to untick the ‘decriptor’ option for importing keys to work. Create a new wallet and untick that option image
Then go to the console and select the new wallet from the dropdown thatt will now show up

If you need further help please join Discord and raise a support ticket there, more people respond there

Thanks! I`m a newbie can you link me a discord support group?

Also how can i restore my masternod?

I synchronized the wallet but i see such thing in my wallet and dont see masternode.

Can you help please?

And how can I create ticket for support in Discord? I joined sys support team, but I dont see the "create a ticket button

Go to #:ticket:│create-ticket and click the create ticket envelope
Do you use the same name in discord