Sending coins to out of date wallet version

So I purchased a decent amount of SYS today and instead of leaving it on an exchange, I decided to send it to my syscoin core wallet on my desktop. Only issue is that the wallet is v and I hadn’t realized anything about a need to update to a different wallet until after I sent said coins. I’m curious as to whether or not I’ve lost my funds or just need to make a minor tweak to ensure they get to the right place. Any and all help is appreciated, thanks.

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You should be fine.
You just need to upgrade to Syscoin 4.1.3.
See the upgrade guide.

Your 3.x wallet.dat is not compatible so you will need to export the keys and import into 4.1.3

You will then have the same addresses from your old wallet in your new wallet and your coins should be there.

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Slight issue, I’ve got spark downloaded but for some reason after i’ve downloaded the sys3dump file, I am unable to find it in my file explorer when attempting to import my wallet. Any suggestions?

It will be in the folder you typed into console.
Do not use Spark for now. Use Syscoin QT 4.1.3