Server install masternodes

When setting up 2 masternodes, do I need to install the script twice? So for every masternode, on each server, a separate install of the script?

Yes. Each MN needs its own VPS and setup procedure.

Thanks for your fast response!

Hey can you help me as well. i’m up to the part where i have to input my public ip address into the masternode.conf and i’m not seeing my 100000 show up in the masternode section of my wallet

@NerZee, could I just install the script on my other servers as well and keep my existing nodes running (basically on 1 server installed at the moment), or do I need to deactivate these nodes first and then install all servers correctly each with the script corresponding to the node I want to activate?

I’m not sure what you’re meaning. Do you have multiple MNs running on the same server? You would need to deactivate those if so.

You need to run the script on each server. One per MN. It will ask you to input your IP and corresponding MN details so it will be different every time you do it.