Setting up a backup for Spark Desktop wallet

Hi Syscoin Support,

Some questions regarding making a Spark Desktop Wallet backup.

Firstly do I need a backup? If my laptop which has the wallet downloaded on it broke can I simply install the Spark Desktop Wallet on my new laptop and use my pass phrase to login to my wallet again?

Also is there a simple tutorial on how to save a backup file? I couldn’t find one but may have missed it.


Yes you need a backup. Your password only encrypts your wallet for protection, it doesn’t restore anything. What you need to backup to multiple devices is your wallet.dat file. That can be moved between computers to restore your funds.

If you’re on Windows it will be in your C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\appdata\roaming\Syscoin folder. I’m not sure about Mac at the moment.

Spark might have an easier backup method but I’m just not well versed in that wallet.

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Thanks for confirming that I do need a backup, very helpful! I have now found how to save the wallet.dat file from my Spark wallet to my laptop.

So now do I just need to copy and paste this file onto a hard drive or USB drive? And then if my laptop broke would I download the Spark wallet onto my new laptop and simply “Import Wallet” to restore? And then use my password to access any funds from there.

Is that everything I need to do to safely backup?

You’ll ideally want your wallet.dat stored in different geographical locations in case of fire or other disasters. USB and separate hard drive is common. If it’s password protected (it should be!) nobody will be able to move those funds without the correct password. This means you’ll want some secure way to remember that as well.

If you forget your password your funds are inaccessible forever. If you lose your wallet.dat backups your funds are inaccessible forever. All the power and responsibility is with you.

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