Spark doesn't see the sys3dump.bmwalletdump file

Hi there.

Trying to import SYS from syscoin3 to syscoin 4.

I have followed all the steps at

Everything fine until the last step.

I have click import wallet and selected the file type to Spark Wallet Dump files. But Spark doesn’t see the sys3dump.bmwalletdump file that is there.

As an alternative, I changed the extension to sys3dump.bmwalletdump to .dat, and then Spark saw the .dat file, when I switched to the settings to view .dat files. I’ve got a message saying it was successfully imported, but the balance is still 0 after half an hour.

I’d be grateful for any advice.

Are you sure you dumped it correctly? Was Spark fully synced?

If it displayed the message succesful you may need to wait a bit longer, Spark can take some time to index stuff.

Thanks, the issue resolved itself. Needed a much longer time for the coins to appear.