Status of Spark wallet

I’m looking for a roadmap for the wallet. Originally I used blockmarket, then told to switch to Spark. Now that is non functional, depreciated…
So what’s the plan?
I assume my SYS and CPS are safely on the blockchain but I’m without a functional wallet to track them.

What is the plan, I have checked with stscoin on discord but no joy, so I am asking here.

Thanks for your reply and guidance

We are expecting Spark 4.1.3 very very soon

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If you want to “track” them, I suggest you look here

Also, there is an article which you can use if you really need to use Spark right now.

Spark 4.1.3 released:

Thanks for notification. I have installed it but it just seems to be stuck on “loading V4.1.3” gear going round and round. Sorry to have to report this…

I managed to reinstall and fix this - no worries.


May I ask , what was the fix? as I have just installed Spark V4.1.3 and it just sits there loading

Yes the problem was fixed when I reinstalled the new version into the exact same location as the previous version. I had to modify the install location to ensure it was the exact same location as I had installed version 4.0.1

Thanks for that info, doesn’t apply to me as this is a new install, maybe JohnP will be able to help

Do you still have this issue

Hi John, hope you’re well, yes I do, have uninstalled it and reinstalled a couple of times, just sits there loading 4.1.3.

Can you try running QT 4.1.3

Close Spark first though

  1. Close Spark.
  2. Remove all folders from the DATADIR (default %appdata%\Syscoin) EXCEPT the file WALLET.DAT and possibly if you run masternode(s) also keep the MASTERNODE.CONF file.
  3. Start Spark and let it sync (takes about 30min give or take)

Locutus it is Spark that is stuck loading

Edited so it reads Spark instead of Qt.

Thanks, I’ll try that later and report back

Sorry John, didn’t see your earlier reply, my QT 4.1.3 runs perfectly normally

You mis-understand he has an issue loading Spark nothing to do with the Syscoin folder

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Ok so no problem with syncing, so the first thing i would do is rename the syscoin.conf file and then run up Spark and let it create a new one. If that doesnt work then i think you might have to manually remove some files not removed by the uninstaller

I’ll try that John, I normally use Revo Uninstaller to remove stuff rather than the native uninstaller