Stuck on a step to complete my masternode setup

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how do i find my public IP address to configure my masternode

i need to config my masternode.conf so my coins show up in the masternode section of the wallett

hostname -I

Type or copy/paste that into your VPS console

i’m using digitalocean so i would use that?

I don’t know anything about them. I would think they would have emailed you the IP or you could find it in your account on their site

are you an ADmin that can help. literally just setting up my masternode on the wallet havent even connected my digital ocean acct to it yet

You will need to purchase your VPS and then you’ll be able to figure out its IP address. You will then be able to fill out your masternode.conf file

Follow this guide exactly and you should be set -

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hello there, so have my public i[ address. just one ,one more question the guide doesn’t answer. after i input the public ip address. what is the long hash numbers, texts associated with the public ip address the part highlighted in yellow what info do i input into the mastercode.config

is that my public ssh keys?

how do i use my masternode genkey to get my masternode private key?

so in the discord group. i was told the masternode privte Key goes here. The steps does not say that only the vps ip address. 2ndly after the ip address :8369 where does this come from? i see in the masternode list alot of masternodes are setup like that. how do i find my number to input

Yes it’s your masternode genkey/privkey. Same thing. You just need to add the :8369 behind your IP address.

The masternode.conf tells you the format and what things are but it can be confusing if the window isn’t maximized so everything is on the same line

i’m using digital ocean, the ip address keeps changing is it ok to use any ip address it generates?

You need a static IP address so as long as it doesn’t change after you set it up it’s fine

i’m adding :8369 in the masternode.config file?


i’m getting this error after i input the ip address with :8369 and the masternode genkey

my genkey also doesn’t end with a number 0 or 1

in line 4 al i also inputting the genkey and masternode output number