"Sync in progress" error for over 24 hours?

Hi there!

I’m trying to run two masternodes within the same QT.

The first one works great, it’s enabled and running.
The second one has failed to start and been giving a “sync in progress” error message for over 24 hours. Specifically:

“name”: “MN2”,
“result”: “failed”,
“errorMessage”: “Sync in progress. Must wait until sync is complete to start Masternode”

Does anyone have any insight? I saw on discord that this error will resolve itself but is 24 hours normal?

Thank you!

Are you on 4.1.3
Check what block you are on getblockcount

hi john!

i’m on 4.1.3

when I check blockcount, i’m at 598580 for both masternode wallets

What do you mean both MN wallets
Do it on the QT not VPS

I did it on the console in QT

I have two wallets within QT - one for each MN. is that’s what’s causing the issue?

You cant do that i am afraid, you can only control 1 wallet as far as i am aware

ah, I see, thanks for the insight.

so what is the best way to run a 2nd MN within QT?

Why do you want to do that

oh, what is the best way to run a 2nd masternode?

You just create a 2nd,3rd,4th etc legacy address and MN key in the same wallet, then add a new line to the Mn conf

ah that’s much simpler.

i’ll try that then, thank you for the insight!

do I use a different console command to get a different legacy address / mn genkey?

So send the SYS from the wallet that has the issue to the other wallet then create in that wallet

@chilly You can actually have as many wallets as you want.
File -> Create wallet
File -> Open wallet
File -> Close wallet

But you don’t need to :wink:

Oh, and if you have multiple masternodes in multiple wallets, you have to switch to the correct wallet before you can initialize it, obviously.

I tried downloading the new syscoin wallet and when it opens, it just stops syncing at 11.43%. All I did was download the latest wallet and before doing so, deleted my old wallet. Can someone please help me? This is quite frustrating.

I was going to try to simply download the wallet onto a different computer that has NEVER had a SYS wallet on it, but that also didn’t work. This is the error I get from my other macbook:

" “Syscoin Core” can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software.

So basically nothing is working for me with regards to the latest wallet.

That is not an issue with the client but an issue with OS X.