SYS tokens missing in the step 3: Submit SPV Proof to NEVM


A few days ago, I tested the procedure to move my SYS coins from an exchange to Metamask, and the process was OK. However, today I tried to move more SYS and my metamask cancelled the transaction many times, even although I have increased the gas fee (quite a lot). Now my SYS are missing.
Syscoin Burn TXID: 01e24a5f1d398de23cab26bf46d2ae944826ee7378fa6c178fa092e6e44ce031
The TX ID that I can see in Pali wallet: 574a7f303045adb694bff356ed2a217870ceae59ef4550f732adae1d54bd32fa.

Can you support me?

Thank you,

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I had same issues where my sys token got missing in the second step of bridging my sysx to nevm, till date I go no answers or support from this platform, I really don’t see how the platform helps in anyway

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I have verified both transactions and they are correct.
Both are “BurnToNEVM” type burning.

Therefore, you must perform the SYSX > NEVM step again without clicking on Burn, only on Next. Providing that TXID where it says Burn TXID.