Syscoin 4 Conversion from Syscoin 2

Hello, I bought some SYS in 2018 and it has been sitting in my desktop wallet ever since. I want to get access to my coins by I have trouble doing the dumpwallet. Can you please help?
I upgraded to BM 1.2.3 and followed the instructions of John Syscoin (Syscoin 4 Conversion from Syscoin 2 | by John Syscoin | Medium) for conversion to SYS 4 from SYS 2. I am working on a MAC.
Not sure what to do with /Users/xxxxx/Public/sys2dump.bmwalletdump and where I need the password xxxxx. When I execute in the response body it says " can’t parse JSON. Raw result:

-8 - Cannot open wallet dump file " Code 500.

Please help me out