Syscoin Ambassador Initiative

I think the time is ripe for expanding the community using a grassroots approach, starting initially with ‘Syscoin Language Ambassadors’ to reward those from different language backgrounds when they retweet/market in their own language (Spanish, Portugese, Korean, French, Hindi, German, Korean, etc) and help build community.

I envision a forum thread for each language and members will be required to post their activities and receive Sys address for rewards for their efforts. think the most pressing marketing issue is to broaden the community, Looking for feedback!

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I think that is an excellent idea. People could pitch their ideas and get some feedback in Discord#Marketing. I am sure people will Tip those users if they provide good content.

Administration of rewards for those retweeting or submitting post on other social media (FB) in their own language will require quite some effort, let me know if you are available to help with the task should this idea materialize.

good idea , lets do it I can help in this.
contact me at Telegram @Jee_at