Syscoin Ambassador Program

The Syscoin core team wants the community to scale to larger levels now that NEVM is out and more projects are building on Sys we want the network effect to take over worldwide to stimulate and scale ecosystem growth.
Alex Guerra -
Alex B -

  1. General Project Information
    Project Name: Syscoin Ambassador Initiative
    Project Manager: Alex Bombadil and Alex Guerra
    Link: N/A
    Vote: TBD
  2. Description
    • Alex B and Alex G (Full Time - Lead, Visionary, Architect)
    • Ambassador Leaders (Part Time - Management, Architectural Feedback, admins)
    • 1 Dev Support (Part time)
    • 1 Graphic Designer (Part time)

The Syscoin core team, led by Jag was inspired to create an ambassador program where we can focus on humanitarian efforts, Syscoin education and ecosystem growth. The program has been bootstrapped by the team and is currently being built from the ground up. Our goal now is to expand our presence across the world in a more intimate and dynamic fashion. A large and quality community leads to a thriving ecosystem which we are then able to use as leverage for negotiations and partnerships.
In our short time, we have managed to start up and expand multiple communities and have created a tip bot for telegram to aid and incentivize NEVM growth. The following is an outline of what this ambassador program will include. This program will be run by Alex G and Alex B who are always accessible and have solidified the administrative infrastructure of the program. With approval for this budget we are able to properly incentivize members of the ambassador team and secure commitments to its success. This will also give opportunity to community members to contribute and be rewarded for their participation.

• Enhancement of the Syscoin NEVM tip bot which will stimulate blockchain usage and grow the ecosystem. Currently functions are generate wallet, tip and airdrop. We will be adding:
• Token Support
• P2P Trading
• Syscoin Core wallet
• Bridge Flow (Move Sys to NEVM Sys)
• Telegram and Discord Admin management for all Syscoin communities
• Enhancement of existing communities and creation of new ones.
• Existing: India, Spanish, Philippines, Serbia, Romania, Arabic, Africa, Russia
• New to Make: Korea, Indonesia, China
• Bounty Rewards
• Enhancing the White Socks Squad (Discord mission program)
• Syscoin Worldwide Podcast
• A Monthly podcast that highlights Syscoin Worldwide efforts, community projects, core team developments and more.
• Targeted Marketing Campaigns
• Twitter Giveaways
• Airdrop Parties
• Influencer incentives
• Contests
• On call developer for maintanance and development of community tools
• Syscoin tip bot
• Scam patrol bot
○ Removes scammer accounts from community rooms
• Standard ecosystem support
• Translations
• Real World Events/Activations
• Charity
• New Syscoin Project support
3. Status RAG (Red, Amber, Green)
4. Overall Status
Discussion and Feedback given on monthly basis
5. Progress and Achievements Since Last Reporting Period
6. Time
9 Months
7. Budget
26,500 SYS Monthly

Leadership/Admins/moderators = $5,500
Dev Support = $1,600
Charity Budget = $1,000+
Bounty Program = $3,500+
Marketing Incentives = $1,400+
Graphic Design = $500
Server expenses = $100

  1. Risks
    The price of Sys may go up and inflate the value of the funding request. We are committing to a hard cap of $15,000 monthly. Any amount over that on a monthly basis will be put in a surplus account. After that we will return funds or vote for them to be used for a different purpose or continue the ambassador program without requiring more funding requests.
  2. Vote For Us!
    To vote in support of this proposal:
    1. Vote in Syscoin-Qt
    2. Open Syscoin-Qt
    3. Select Tools > Console from the top menu
    4. Copy and paste the following command onto one line, and hit enter:

To vote in support of this proposal:

  1. Vote in Syscoin-Qt
  2. Open Syscoin-Qt
  3. Select Tools > Console from the top menu
  4. Copy and paste the following command onto one line, and hit enter:
    gobject_vote_many 056cf26b4f76d792608684c77400109cbddcb54ba68687a95179011d66c49c4f funding yes