Syscoin Community Team --- Initiatives Brainstorming


Hi everyone!
This is a wiki topic, which you are able to edit.
It can server as a point to collect ideas, big and small, on how to make our community better and to grow it.
I suggest we collect ideas with a chapter heading and a short description.

Community Excursions

Going somewhere (virtually) and having fun there.

Pass the Story – Community Edition

I write a sentence, someone else writes another sentence. As a group we write a short story, ideally in a place where other people can see it…Like under our twitter posts, or in a reddit thread.
Should be fun and engaging.

Count me in for that. We could maybe have a story about personal experiences with syscoin. Walking with syscoin is my title proposal.

We need something fun that uses Syscoin SPT internally.

I don’t understand the technical possibilities and limitations, so think wider, but just as a random example from the past: Does anyone remember the “Rarepepe Pump’n’pump”?