Syscoin Core 4.1.3 not syncing

Hi all,

I’m running version of Syscoin Core. When I load the wallet up it’s stuck on ‘Syncing Headers’ (roughly 37 weeks behind). I have around 4-6 active connections to the network but it isn’t progressing.

Running Windows 7 64-bit. Not sure if this makes any difference.

I know there’s a new version of Core out, could anyone point me in the direction of a fix or how to safely upgrade the wallet?


4.1.3 will not sync anymore you needed to update to 4.3 a while ago Syscoin Core :: Download - Syscoin

Thanks John.

Do I need to do anything before I upgrade? Or can I just download this on top of 4.1.3? Have a backup of my wallet.dat file.

Also Win7 is no longer supported

Right no problem. Wallet is backed up so I’ll have to sort in the future.

It still works with Win7 though

Brilliant, thanks John. Will give it a try.