- October 2020

1. General Project Information

Project Name: Syslinks & Syscoin Ambassador Initiative
Project Manager: @MooBaa
Link: <link to your proposal on syshub>
Vote: gobject vote-many 37cb8391c255dabd328f8e47a13aeb099bd668b63b423515494018df8fe54865 funding yes

2. Description

This proposal entails work on the following activities:

Continuously updating and using https;// to retweet new links and alert subscribers.

Note regarding peviously announced inititative

With the introduction of a marketing team for Brazil and Latin America announced just recently and plans to upgrade the marketing team for China, Syscoin now has in effect three distinct marketing teams: AngloSCMT, China, Brazil/Latin America which is all that is needed

The previously proposed Ambassador/Champion program and discussed with @ Ryan23 and @ sebastien1234 how to enroll community members from any language/country retweeting in their native language and starting telegram channels in their native language for which a document has been uploaded to this effect and work was initiated will therefore not be pursued at this time. Once the community grows substantially, the initiative may be revisited.

The following budget is requested::
4567 Syscoins for continous updates, maintenance and development

3. Status RAG (Red, Amber, Green)

Status Time Budget Risks

RAG Status Guideline

4. Overall Status


5. Progress and Achievements Since Last Reporting Period

Continously updating and promoting links on Twitter @sysnetsite

6. Time: ongoing

7. Budget: 4567 Syscoin

8. To support this proposal: in Syscoin-Qt

  • Open Syscoin-Qt
  • Select Tools > Console from the top menu
  • Copy and paste the following command onto one line, and hit enter:

gobject vote-many 37cb8391c255dabd328f8e47a13aeb099bd668b63b423515494018df8fe54865 funding yes

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Awesome work! Love Syslinks.

Much appreciated! Thank you!