Syscoin Transaction on blockchain but has not appeared in Spark Desktop 4.1.3

Hi there,

I am waiting to receive some SYS coins but they have not appeared in my Spark Desktop Wallet 4.1.3 yet. I can see the transaction made on the blockchain and the coins were sent 9 hours ago and have 492 confirmations.

Why has my wallet balance not updated to show these coins? I have previously sent coins twice before to this wallet address without issue but this transaction is coming from a third party seller.

Is there something I need to do to see these coins in my wallet?

Is your wallet synced 100% to the current block?

Hi there, my Spark wallet says it is 100% synced but I just checked it again and the block number says it has only been synced to 753800 blocks (which is a lower number than the block number of the transaction I am waiting for).

Thanks as hopefully this is all the issue is! Not quite sure how I get it to sync correctly from here though as I cannot see where to do this? I have already tried closing the wallet and reopening.

Appreciate your help thanks.

Reindex is what you’re looking for. That should get things unstuck

Thanks, I tried going Tools - Reindex Spark which didn’t seem to do anything at first so after a while I closed the wallet and reopened. Now it has cleared my wallet balances while it is doing a sync but it is only trying to sync up to about 499,000 blocks.

Why is it only syncing up to 499,000 when there are at least 750,000 blocks on the syscoin blockchain?

Give this a try if that isn’t working - How to reindex a Syscoin client

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Thanks for that, I got it to work finally using the instructions in your link. I must say it is not the most user friendly way to fix if you are not advanced in computers as it is quite confusing which can be stressful when you cannot see your coins.

Note for any one else with the same problem, I was wondering where to add the line reindex=1 as the instructions didn’t say. I just put it at the very top and pressed enter to move the existing text down a line. Also I was a bit confused as the Spark wallet didn’t look like it was doing anything after doing this but I left it overnight and it was fixed and synced! Then removed the reindex=1 line after it was fixed.

Thanks again - you have been very helpful.

Qt (and therefor Spark Desktop) is a full client which means that if something is messed up (can be due to a bad shutdown or accidental reboot), it may take a reindex to get your client to be fully operational again. As long as you have a valid backup, you will always be able to gain access to your funds.
Instead of using a full client, you may consider using a web wallet, like AGX.

Thanks for that. The reason I used the Spark wallet is because I wanted to make sure I am using a genuine wallet that Syscoin support. So I went direct to the Syscoin website and could only see 2 wallets options, QT and Spark.

So which wallet should the average non-techy SYS holder use ideally simply to hold coins safely?

With Spark you can manage SPT’s so that gives you more freedom so to say. If you dont want that, then Qt would be a good option. But again, I would say try them out and see what you like really, because I think the AGX wallet can be a good fit as well for you.

I created a new wallet on Spark desktop and I sent sys coins to the new address and the transaction was out but why didn’t it enter my wallet

with 70 confirmations at block [975991] but the funds do not go to the desktop wallet