Syscoin v0.13 to 4.1.3 Zero Balance - just one wallet.dat File (from 2017)

Hi, i bought a few syscoin in 2017 and left the whole data on an external hard drive so far. I wanted to start the Syscoin Launcher, which has 3 years and 37 weeks of data left to load. I don’t have a block source available, so it doesn’t download. Syscoin Core Version v0.13.2.0 is the Wallet Version i had 2017, still on my hard drive. I downloaded the latest Syscoin Wallet from the internet and followed the instructions how to upgrade from 2 to 4. Dumpwallet -> Import Wallet and stuff. But it still shows 0 syscoin, somehow everything didn’t work properly. Syscoin 4.1.3 synchronizes very fast, usually only a few minutes, although I have a very slow internet (maximum 1 mb/s) Very short for it to download all the data…The instructions says that importing into the 4.1.3 version takes time. “This import will take a while (can be 10 minutes or so)” My dumping and importing did not take a second. It happens instantly and the balance is still zero. I just have one wallet.dat file from 2017, so its the only wallet file. Can I just open my old wallet.dat file somewhere else or do you have a solution? Is it possible to run the old 0.13. Wallet somehow? That worked back than and showed me my balance.

I have also read the other topics, but nothing helps.

Please Help me :frowning: I just want to see my balance.

After you created the dumpfile:
Did you rename the existing data directory, so v4.1.3 creates a new one and synchronizes from scratch?
Compare with the block explorer to make sure it is on the right chain and fully synced.

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Yeah i renamed the folder “Syscoin2”. I tried the whole guide 2 times, and it synched 2 times in a around 5 minutes from 0-100%. Is that normal? As i said, the dumpfile imported within 1 second and the guide says up to 10 minutes. Thats weird. the 2nd time i set a password for my wallet.dat file but i could import the file normally in 4.1.3 and a password was not required. There is no lock symbol in the lower right corner of the wallet…

The actual chain has 666k+ blocks. There is no way it can load everthing in 5 min on a 1 mb/s connection.
The syscoin blocks alone are ~ 1GB of data.
I just did a test on a 50mb/s connection and after 10 min I got all headers and roughly 100k blocks; another 50 min estimated to finish the rest of the blocks (average of 3-4 mb/s).

Are you sure you renamed the right data directory? For a standard installation it is under %Appdata%

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I also found this very weird, because 2017 has been loading for a long time. I renamed the “Syscoin” folder under %appdata% to “Syscoin2” after dumping my wallet. I installed Syscoin 4.1.3 as “Windows Installer” into a folder on the desktop and started it normally after closing my old 2 version,which is also in a folder on the desktop.

Should I delete all folders on the desktop and in %appdata% and reinstall everything from my external hard drive?

Should I just try BLockmarket instead of Syscoin 4.1.3? Would that make a difference?

i followed these instructions

Im so Lost

EDIT: The Syscoin Core Folder is 18mb big, and the new Syscoin Folder is 1,67GB big. Both found in %appdata% folder… whats wrong here? How can i download the whole chain?

An actual data folder for v4.1.3 should be a little more than 2.5GB.
My last data folder for v3.x.x from last year shows around 1.65GB.

Sounds like you are still syncing to the wrong chain.
You have the old data folder on an external drive and you have the dumpfile (right?).
Deinstall everything Syscoin/Blockmarket from you desktop and make sure there are no syscoin or blockmarket folders left under %appdata%. No old Syscoin/Blockmarket icons on your desktop.
Than install v4.1.3 again and let it sync again from scatch.