Syscoin wallet.dat from 2018 Integration problem

Hey guys,
I just wanted to set up my Syscoin wallet. I have a old wallet.dat from April 2018.

I can’t integrate it in sys4
Tried the guide on medium where it says command console etc but it doesn’t work

There is always a „null“

Is it possible to restore them?

“Null” is normal and means the command worked. Use this guide and download Syscoin QT 4.1.3 - Syscoin 3 to Syscoin 4 Upgrade Instructions | by Syscoin | Medium

Doesn’t work, bro. I do everything as they say in this Medium article but it doesn’t show balance.

When I install new wallet it says 1 year 6 months loading. But my coins are from 2018, April.

What can I do to get those coins in my wallet?

That might actually be Syscoin 2 era - Syscoin 4 Conversion from Syscoin 2 | by John Syscoin | Medium

If you had coins on the old chain they are safe we just need to migrate them over to the current chain