The idea behind this place

Hi everyone!

A new forum for the Syscoin community? Isn’t there already a subreddit? What about discord? That’s certainly used the most.

Well, yes. You’re right, there are all these places – some more used than others – and splitting the community across multiple platforms is certainly not the smartest move.

Nonetheless, we think this is a good idea. Because this allows us to do a number of things better.

Cultivating our collective knowledge about Syscoin

The Tutorials category allows us to create and improve articles that explain how to use Syscoin technology, and it allows us to actually find them again.

Providing support

The Support category allows us to answer all those questions that aren’t answered by content in the Tutorials category. Answering them here provides a much more convenient interface compared to a discord chatroom. We can go into more detail, the answer will not be lost in some chat log but will be visible for other people searching for it. And support-seeking community members will be at less risk of getting scammed by mod-impersonating scam artists hiding in the shadows because this place has a working karma system and doesn’t allow duplicate usernames.

Discussing news and other topics

Discussions here are a lot less ephemeral compared to those in chat. People can consume them or contribute to them at their own time, and they have more time coming to considered opinions, because the discussion is progressing at a slower pace.
Older discussions can be picked up again where they were left, if later circumstances change.

Your turn

These are our reasons for proposing this venue. But what else can we do with it? If you have an idea, we’d love to hear it!


I like the idea behind this. Why did you pick this style instead of something similar to bitcointalk?

Hi @calamari!
Welcome to the community wiki :slight_smile:
We chose this platform because of its specific feature set (for example that it searches existing posts when you try to create a new one, and that it can display replies to a post in the context of that post).
I don’t think traditional forum software has aged particularly well. We, the internet, learned a lot about discussion spaces in the 20 years since phpbb started.