The new 4.2.0 addressbalance

I have the new 4.2.0 core linux client running … and the console cmd ‘addressbalance’ has changed to now require a list. After many “Error parsing JSON” results, others provided the proper (imo annoying :slight_smile: syntax: addressbalance '["SdzKyvhD2Y3xJvGVSfx96NXszq6x9BZX34"]' (some random address pulled off the block explorer)… BUT the amount I get is 0.0, where on the explorer it is definitely not. Is this still a syntax issue?

(ps. getblockcount returns 1019153)

addressbalance [“address”,…] ( minconf maxconf )

Show the Syscoin balance of an array of addresses in your wallet.

It works for addresses in your wallet and shows the available balance (means without locked amounts).

addressbalance used to be a blockchain explorer of sorts, is that functionality somewhere else within the client now? It would also be useful to verify token counts … I really don’t want to have to visit some external web site (and that doesn’t make sense since the data is on our box).