There was an error using the SPT I generated for Provision the Bridge for my ERC-20. All operations are on the testnet

when I Execute the command ‘syscoinburntoassetallocation->signrawtransactionwithwallet->sendrawtransaction’,Prompt error message “bad-syscoin-tx, assetallocation-invalid-sysx-asset”,How can I sove this problem ?

Hey there! Can you provide the syscoinburntoassetallocation command with all the arguments you’re using? There are multiple things that could lead to that particular error. Having that will help me determine which requirement is lacking and stopping the tx from being accepted.

Of course I can , The command I use is shown below “syscoinburntoassetallocation tsys1qselr0raua783gvscsyuatzxaqnr3sukye3vkze 2054270666 100” , and the asset_guid of I generate spt is "2054270666 ",The id is created according to this guide

  1. syscoinburntoassetallocation is the wrong command for what you’re trying to do. It is meant specifically for burning SYS to SYSX (testnet assetGUID: 1965866356).

If you are simply trying to send some of your asset to another Syscoin address, the command you’re looking for is assetallocationsend. However, it appears you have already burned the entire supply of that SPT, so there isn’t any to send between Syscoin addresses. The only way to get some of that on the Syscoin side now is to send some across from Ethereum at which point the bridged quantity will be minted on Syscoin at the specified address and will be transferable on the Syscoin chain.

The good news is it looks like you provisioned the token correctly. :slight_smile: Assuming you’ve added the SPT to the bridge asset registry, you just need to use the ETH -> SYS bridge now. After you get some over to Syscoin, you’ll be able to send to other Syscoin addresses, and any of them will be able to move those tokens back to Ethereum using the SYS -> ETH bridge. Let me know if you need further assistance.


by the way there is some maintenance going on w/ the testnet bridge dapp instance at the moment. It might be unavailable for a bit. I’ll post here again when I know it’s back up. Shouldn’t take long.

Great, thank you very much for your generous and detailed answers, which have helped me to solve many puzzles. Later I will follow your Suggestions to make corresponding operations.If I encounter new problems again, I look forward to your help again.Best wishes to you. :grin:

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