This past weekend I provisioned two well-known Ethereum ERC-20 tokens with interoperability on mainnet Syscoin Bridge

And I moved them across singlehandedly at will without any 2nd/3rd party liquidity providers anywhere in the equation. It was not difficult for me. Now both of these Ethereum tokens can leverage trust-minimized interoperability to gain Syscoin’s microtransaction layer and both bitcoin-core-compliant & merge-mined security. That said, the process does need documentation. Will begin working on that, likely this week. Having setup and operated this myself on mainnet has made me even more stoked about this tech!


Intriguing…which ones did you choose?

As promised, here’s documentation and a walk-through for integrating any Standard ERC-20 with Syscoin by way of its trust-minimized bridge. Anyone can do this by following the instructions because both integrating with it and using it are permissionless processes.

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