Transaction sent from Spark Desktop 4.1.3 has not arrived and does not appear on the blockchain

Hi, hoping someone can please help.

I have sent SYS from my Spark Desktop 4.1.3 wallet to Binance but the funds have not appeared yet. This was a day ago now.

When I checked my Spark Desktop wallet it has a Txid but when I checked it on the blockchain it does not exist. Also the logo is just circling around and does not have a tick like my previous sent transactions do.

I tried doing a re-index of the Spark wallet as I noticed the blocks were not as high as the current transactions of the blockchain. When I did the re-index I left it overnight as all the previous successful transactions were still circling but now they are all ticked except for the current transaction that has not arrived.

Not sure how to tell if the re-index is finished or not but my wallet balance has appeared again so am thinking it may have finished it’s re-index? However the wallet balance is only showing the balance after my lost funds were sent.

So now my SYS are neither in my Spark wallet nor on Binance.

Update - My wallet is stuck at 1004445 blocks even after doing a re-index


Upgrade Syscoin Core :: Download - Syscoin

Thanks John. I didn’t have the QT wallet installed before, only Spark. Is this the new QT wallet upgrade?

If I upgrade to what will happen to the missing transaction I sent from my Spark wallet?

Spark is not being updated so you have to use QT, 4.1.3 will no longer fully sync. You coins have not been sent as you cannot sync. Spark and QT use the same wallet.dat so update to QT 4.2.2 and they should be sent once it has synced

See note here Releases · blockchainfoundryinc/syscoin-spark-wallet · GitHub

Thanks John, I have downloaded the Syscoin Core 4.2.2 as advised and it has now fully synced. It picked up the wallet details from my Spark wallet automatically.

However my last transaction with the missing SYS has a question mark not a tick and when I click further into it says Status: 0/unconfirmed, in memory pool.

What do I do from here to get this send transaction either underway or cancelled? Thanks

Right click and cancel

Hi John, it doesn’t show me a cancel button when I right click, it just shows the options below. I can’t find an option to cancel? The Abandon transaction is greyed out.


Please raise a ticket in Discord you will get quicker response there. Have you just let it run for a while?