Transfer between MM to MEXC

Hi Support,

I tried to transfer 298 SYS tokens (I bought more than a year ago) from Metamask to Mexc. I opted for a rollux adress on Mexc. Its now 3 hours ago and I haven’t recieved the tokens yet. Could you help me retrieve my funds, either on Mexc of Metamask.

Kind regards,

If you had SYS for that long, you probably have them on the Syscoin NEVM chain.

MEXC does not support Syscoin NEVM, but rather Rollux.
Therefore, they will not appear in your account because you sent it to the wrong chain.

You will need to contact MEXC, explaining your situation, to see if they can have access to the NEVM Wallet where you have sent your funds.
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Ok thanks for your reply.

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