Transfer unconfirmed since 5/5

Howdy. I attempted a transfer to binance from a 3.something version. I have since fully updated. The transfer remains unconfirmed and my wallet shows the correct balance if a transfer was in process. I am fully synced. What do I need to do to either complete the transfer or restart the transfer?

Something seems not right there.
You sent a tx on Syscoin v3 which did not go through because v3 chain is old and dead.

You updated to v4. Doing it you should have dumped your keys in v3 and imported them into a new v4 wallet. The v4 wallet and chain have no info about the tx you tried to do on the v3 chain. How can it show as transfer in progress?

Please follow the guide to update to v4.

If you follow the steps described in there, your last valid balance from the v3 chain should show up in the v4 wallet.

I believe I started the transfer on 5/5 running a 3.something and upgraded on 5/6 to 4.1 (I believe) thinking that the delay in transfer had to do with running an out of date version. I believe I upgraded to 4.1something on 5/6 and then to 4.2 on 5/8. I followed this guide for the 4.2 upgrade on 5/8 Syscoin 4.2.0 Upgrade Guide. From here I used the win64-setup from this page Releases · syscoin/syscoin · GitHub. After install I imported a wallet and now I see the tx in progress. Idk what to do now? A fresh install?

Tx completed just now lol thanks anyway. I assume the delay had to do with the timing of the transfer and the release of 4.2 but Ive nothing to back that up besides an uneducated guess