Trouble upgrading to 4.1.3


I wanted to upgrade my syscoin core version to 4.1.3 from an old version (i don’t know which version since i already replaced the app, but i installed it around september 2019). I created a backup and replaced the app, but found out i propably created the wrong backup (source).

Is there a way to reinstall the correct version (and which would it be) and retry the procedure?
Thanks in advance

Syscoin 4 was released in early 2019 so you must have installed this version. so you should be able to just install the latest 4.1.3 QT and copy your saved wallet.dat into the syscoin directory

Do i need to put it into the wallets directory or the root Syscoin directory? If i put ‘wallet.dat’ into …/wallets it says it needs a newer software version to open (but current version is 4.1.3), if i put it in root the balance doesn’t show in the interface. Are there additional steps i need to take?

For now just rename the wallets directory to oldwallets of something and put your copy of the wallet.dat into just the syscoin directory the QT will then use that location

Are you sure you created this in 2019 and not 2018 as that error from the wallets directory would suggest that is a SYS3 wallet.dat. What is the date of your wallet.dat backup

Apparantly it is a sys3 wallet, i managed to download the sys3 core and can see my balance (topic that helped me locate the sys3 software). I’m going to retry the upgrade, this time following the guide that i mentioned before. I’m sure it’ll work.

Thanks for the help