Unconfirmed, not in memory pool


I have a copy of the wallet.dat file on my USB. I was using the syscoin wallet on Ubuntu. After upgrading the hardware of my computer I needed to install new version of Ubuntu and restore the wallets.

The issues is I am getting the following message:

Status: 0/unconfirmed, not in memory pool
Date: 20.06.17 г. 08:12
Credit: 1142.95875001 SYS
Net amount: +1142.95875001 SYS
Transaction ID: f7d7f4a872ac58a8174c2a4bd87fa7f6d2928ff0a328e14714afb2f7f7bc0db8
Transaction total size: 225 bytes
Transaction virtual size: 225 bytes
Output index: 0

I am sure in the past, the transaction was completed successfully. It seems I have only one option - “to abandon the transaction”. In my Poloniex account I have the following info:

  • Complete
  • AMOUNT1142.96875001
  • TRANSACTION FEE- 0.01000000
  • TOTAL1142.95875001
  • WITHDRAW TO ADDRESS14trrpp2iiGs4HZdpoNbqhry8WQbPcyEho
  • TRANSACTION IDf7d7f4a872ac58a8174c2a4bd87fa7f6d2928ff0a328e14714afb2f7f7bc0db8
  • DATEJun 20th, 2017 08:10:55

My question is, if I abandon the transaction, will the amount go back to my Poloniex account?

Note, that I have no imported the wallet.dat file in new wallet for years, so there are might be some issue with the backward compatibility. Currently, the version of the wallet I am using is

Syscoin Core version v4.1.3.0-c56a9e7fc

Also, I have try to found the transaction here - https://chainz.cryptoid.info/sys/search.dws?q=f7d7f4a872ac58a8174c2a4bd87fa7f6d2928ff0a328e14714afb2f7f7bc0db8 , but it seems it is missing.

Thanks in advanced.

You are way out of date that is a Sys2 TX so you will need to convert from Sys 2 to SYS 4

Here is the update guide but you will need to amend it for Ubuntu i think https://bittyjohn1954.medium.com/syscoin-4-conversion-from-syscoin-2-c32757812602

Basically rename any ‘syscoin’ data folder
Install 2.1.6 and copy a copy of your wallet.dat into the new data folder

Run the ‘dumpwallet’ procedure
Rename the ‘syscoin’ data folder to ‘syscoin2’

Install 4.1.3 and run the ‘importwallet’ procedure

Thanks for the replay. I have created the ``sys2dump.bmwalletdump

importwallet "/home/gem/Downloads/sys2dump.bmwalletdump"

was executed too fast and returns null. There is no results on both windows and Ubuntu machines. The transaction is still unconfirmed.

Could you advice?

‘null’ is the correct response
Try looking in syscoin folder for the file

If I deleted the wallet.dat file and start the wallet, a new empty file is created. After that, I am executing the importwallet command and it yields null. But the results is - no new wallet file and the balance is still 0.

Did you carry out my instructions

  1. Rename any ‘syscoin’ data folder Y/N
  2. Install 2.1.6 Y/N
  3. Replace the wallet.dat with a copy of your saved wallet.dat into the ‘syscoin’ folder Y/N
  4. Carry out the dumpwallet procedure and have located the file Y/N
  5. Rename the ‘syscoin’ folder to ‘syscoin2’ Y/N
  6. Install 4.1.3, this creates a new ‘syscoin’ folder Y/N
  7. Run the importwallet routine with the dump file created above Y/N

Importwallet does not create a new wallet.dat just imports the keys into the existing wallet.dat

Please note that Syscoin 2 and Syscoin 4 are different chains, you have to carry out the dump procedure with a Sys2 client and the import with a Sys4 client. Syscoin2 chain no longer exists so you will not sync but dumpwallet should work if you had coins on the SYS2 chain as all balances where copied over to the new chains

However after a little investigation I cannot see your address with a balance on either the SYS3 or SYS4 chain so i can only assume it did not transfer over because of your mempool error

I did not do part 1. Rename any ‘syscoin’ data folder Y/N as I don’t have a way to install the 2.1.6 on Ubuntu as the tutorial is on windows. Also, I prefer not to install not supported software on this machine.

So, I installed the wallet on newly created Windows Virtual Machine. Also, after I have created the export file, I remove the 2.1.6 installation. Then, I have installed 4.1.3 and run the import command.

I guess I am going to give up now as I have spent too much time in creating Virtual Machines and debugging and the amount I am going to lose is 60$…

Thanks very much for the time.