Updated to 4.1.3 and now I do not see my balance.. PLEASE HELP

Hello All,

I tried updating to the latest version of the wallet 4.1.3 and now i do not see my balance. I went to the discord chat and one of the members told me to delete everything except wallet.dat and masternode.conf
At first the wallet was not syncing and tried following the re-indexing steps but as a person who is not computer savvy I couldnet get it done. I’ve been on this mission for the past week. Please help. Thank you.

Are you sure that wallet.dat in the Syscoin folder has a balance? Do you have a backup wallet.dat that you know has your funds on it?

I had funds in my account 100%

Do you see any transactions on that wallet?

Check the addresses you know have funds on the explorer https://chainz.cryptoid.info/sys/

i do not see any transactions. Yesterday before deleting as i was guided to do by a Discord member, I had all my funds in qt wallet. I hope i did not delete my coins. I checked my recycle bin and I see all the files i deleted

Are you sure you didn’t delete the wallet.dat with your funds on it? Do you have a proper backup file? Did you check your address on the block explorer?

If you deleted the wallet.dat on accident a new wallet.dat will be made with 0 balance. All you’d need to do is replace that with your proper wallet.dat and your funds will be there

i literally put my wallet.dat on my desktop. Its a white paper icon and says wallet.dat… No I have not checked block explorer because Im not sure how to do it and also not sure if I did a proper back up.

Im here because I need a step by step help.

I just hope i saved the wallet.dat with the balance. However, can i retrieve it from the recycling bin? I deleted like 2 full files. I went to %appdata% and deleted syscoin core and another one

Yes you can retrieve it from the recycling bin if it’s there. You should be working with copies of the wallet.dat that has your funds on it. If that file is lost or damaged your funds will be lost. That’s why it’s of dire importance to keep that file in secure and multiple places.

If the file on your desktop is the correct wallet.dat, copy and paste that into the Syscoin folder. The wallet.dat file that’s in there now should be kept elsewhere just in case that is the right file too. I’m not sure of your current situation so it’s best to keep copies of everything until it’s sorted out. Making different folders on your desktop will be useful to keep the different files organized until then

I just came across a backup file from back in feburary. Will this work? Im pretty sure my balance has been the same since before that back up. And can You guide me step by step “Please” Ive invested thousands and cant lose this just like that. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE AND HELP I TRULY APPRECIATE IT

Just copy and paste that wallet.dat into your Syscoin folder

i have multiple syscoin folders. Im just completely lost. Im gonna call it a day and try to figure it out. Ill be back next week if Im still having issues. Thanks for the help. Have a great weekend

The Syscoin folder in the appdata\roaming directory

Gm! Hope you had a wonderful weekend . Im back trying to figure out the whole wallet.dat issue. The last back up i did was on feb 24, 2020. When I upload this last version of the wallet, you said to just add the file to the folder. Within the folder do i need to add on a different folder or just the primary one. Also I have tried this morning several times and I still dont see a balance. Ive had coins since 2018, at the minimum I should have some coins showing in my balance.

also I have placed all the folders I had deleted from the recycling bin back to desktop. I have about 5 of them including blockmarket.

The wallet.dat is the only important file needed to access your funds. If it’s from the Syscoin 4 blockchain all you’ll need to do is copy/paste the proper wallet.dat with your funds on it into C:\Users\ [USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\Syscoin

USERNAME will be whatever your personal user is on that computer

I can’t remember if you’re PC, but if you’re on a MAC the directory is /Users/[USERNAME]/Library/Application Support/Syscoin/

i have windows. Quick question is there anyway i can give you my ip address and help me out that way, or you cannot?

No. If you give people access to your computer, your wallet.dat, a dump file, or your private keys you can have your funds stolen.

Maybe @johnp can work you through the process of regaining access to your funds.