Upgrade blockmarket desktop 1.1.3 to newer version

Today i wanted to check on my syscoin that I purchased in 2017 and put on my blockmarket 1.1.3. Today I also wanted to send these to coinomi but that wasn’t possible. Maybe I need to upgrade the blockmarket to a newer version but I don’t know how. I can’t find any syscoin related files on my pc, because when I was checking the upgrade guide it said that there should be a syscoin file present on my pc, but it wasn’t. Can anyone help me?

Well you are miles out of date for start we are on Sys4 now so you will need to convert
Hopefully you still have a directory called syscoin in appdata
If you can still run BM1 then you must have so use this guide you should really find your wallet.dat and back it up before you do anything. Tells you how to in the guide.