Upgrading from Blockmarket to Syscoin 4

Hi, I currently have Blockmarket v1.2.0 installed on my computer, and I’m unable to send tokens. I assume that’s because I have an old version and need to upgrade to Syscoin 4? So I’m attempting to follow the Blockmarket or Syscoin 2/3.xx to Syscoin 4.xx Upgrade Guide.

In Step 2, Dumping Your Wallet to a File, it says: “Go To Wallet and select Dump Wallet (top left)…”

My Blockmarket version doesn’t show an option for “Wallet” or “Dump Wallet,” and the only option in the top left is “Home.” Please advise, thanks.

Use this guide as it shows BM1.2 https://bittyjohn1954.medium.com/syscoin-4-conversion-from-syscoin-2-c32757812602