Walk thru bridge.syscoin.org

I was stuck in " Build a raw unsigned Syscoin Burn transaction". No react when hit generate transaction.
Do I need a wallet to do this? How much SYS do I need to get thru this? Do I need to swap SYS to SYSX on syscoin chain first? How?
In general, should I send 2 txs (one to syscoin and one to ethereum) to bring SYS from syscoin to ethereum?
Sorry I am new here and thanks for your help in advance!

Looks like there is a malfunction with the dApp. I have informed those who can check on the system with is providing the service. Please note that this dApp is not needed to use the bridge, it only makes it easier for people to use the bridge since the dApp is doing the tx building and is making sure inputs are valid etc…

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Understood. Syscoin is an interesting project, and you guys are awesome!

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Hi Ideng! If you are sending SYSX across the bridge you do need to own SYSX first. You can obtain SYSX by swapping SYS to SYSX on the Syscoin chain first. Follow these instructions.

You also need to have enough SYS at the same address to cover the transaction cost of burning the SYSX. 1 SYS should be more than sufficient.

Once you meet both of those requirements the dapp will provide the raw unsigned Syscoin Burn transaction when you click the button. Otherwise it cannot provide it.

That actually is a nice requirement, didn’t know. Perhaps more user feedback would make it more clear.

Tell me what me need to do to start the node again?