Wallet password

Hi! I am on QT4.1.3. When installing QT on another device and successfully importing my wallet from the old device, do I need to enter the passwords I created on the wallet within QT on my old device?

Depends what you mean by ‘importing’ if you just copied over the wallet.dat then yes you need the password. If you did ‘dumpwallet’ then ‘importwallet’ then no

Not sure if I understand it correctly. I backed up my wallet just within the QT-interface, not within console.


I then saved the wallet.dat file temporarily on a USB.

So, if I understand it correctly, when I will replace my wallet.dat of a new installed QT on my new device, with my backed up wallet.dat on the USB. I can simply use the passwords of my backed up wallet.dat?

The password “moves” with your wallet.dat

I have some additional questions though.

  1. I simply replace my wallet.dat from my QT on my new device with the wallet.dat of my old device and are then able to access my funds (receive/send) via the passwords created within my QT on my old device?

  2. What if I have several wallets (with each different balances) in QT on my old device? When I install QT on a new device, it does not have the separate wallets. How does the method of replacing wallet.dat works in my new installed QT?

  3. Another questions is regarding my nodes. Do they keep running and automatically appear in QT when importing my funds/replacing wallet.dat or do you need to set them up again (in that case, does this influence seniority)?