With Lux coming out, do I download 4.1.3 now?

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Hey all, I’m trying to download 4.1.3, but I’m not sure what link to click on once I get to the May 2020 Upgrade Guide. I have a Mac, so I click on that pre-built link, but then – which link do I click on? The top one is “SHA256SUMS.asc,” and the second one is “syscoin-4.1.3-osx.dmg,” etc.

Also, since I have (somewhere) the Syscoin Core QT wallet, I know there was an announcement recently re making sure you are on the right block. How would I do that? Thanks so much.

Firstly, what version are you updating from?

Secondly, 4.2 releases in about 21 hours so you might as well just wait until that wallet is out.

I’m updating from 4.0.1.

Also, I’ve made a few backups of my wallet.dat already. Is it a “notepad”-ish file?

If I wait till 4.2 releases and download it then, will I be able to access my wallet? I haven’t been able to access it in about a year. Thanks, NerZee.

You should be able to just download the new wallet and be good to go. You may need to do a reindex. Look in the discord announcements or Syscoin twitter for a github link once 4.2 is released

Also if you would like to store your Sys on Klever mobile wallet you should be able to do that tomorrow I think too. Masternodes would still need to be run on QT

Awesome, thanks NerZee. Ready to go with Klever. Hopefully, I don’t have do a reindex.