Withdrawing from Bittrex to Metamask

I’ve followed the procedure here: Setting up Metamask for Syscoin NEVM | by Syscoin | Medium and now I see Syscoin Mainnet in Metamask.

Is it as simple as providing that wallet address (same address as my ETH), to the Bittrex as the wallet address or is there some addition bridging required?

Thanks for the help!

If you have Metamask connected to Syscoin Mainnet, you will have your EVM address starting with "0x…"

Now to receive funds on it from an exchange, make sure that the exchange allows withdrawal by Syscoin NEVM network.

Some of the exchanges that allow withdrawal by this “Syscoin NEVM” chain are KuCoin or DigiFinex.

Your exchange, “Bitrex”, only allows withdrawal via the Syscoin UTXO chain, therefore it cannot do so directly to Metamask EVM chain.

You should first send from Bitrex to Pali Wallet which is also from the Syscoin UTXO chain, and then Bridge between Pali Wallet and Metamask.

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