Zero balance after import, explorer also shows no funds

Hi! I’m a bit confused about how to upgrade my wallet and the state of Syscoin.

In Dec 2018 I upgraded from v1 of blockmarket and exported the dump file.

I am able to importwallet from a sys2dump.bmwalletdump and it takes a few minutes and then says “null”, but then nothing happens in the wallet and nothing seems to be imported.

Am I missing something?

Also, when I search my wallet in the block explorer from 2018 there is no record - was there a swap that took place that I missed?

If you searched up txid from 2018 it might not be there anymore. Addresses’ balance should carry over though. There was a snapshot upgrade back in June 2019

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Where are you importing to

I tried importing to Syscoin Core v4 (latest), and it looks successful, but the addresses never show up in the wallet after importing (and neither does the sys balance).

Is there a way to verify from the extended private key (in dump file) that I have the right wallet? Can’t imagine I exported an empty wallet a year ago but might be worth verifying…

If you know what address should have a balance then check on the explorer