2020: 06--06 --- Syscoin Marketing Team - June Proposal

Syscoin Marketing Team - June Proposal

Project Name: Syscoin Marketing Team
Vote: gobject vote-many f9e484fd6e894ba4ffb8db67c92f31772dcc5d28f7bb4a0182eb4ac6bfca3b81 funding yes


Due to the special circumstances of syshub being down for maintenance, to simplify the voting process for the June governance round SMT has agreed to submit a combined proposal that will cover funding for most of the various teams and individuals working on Syscoin. (nb. SMT is not responsible for the future success of proposals other than our own).

We are requesting a total of 554712 SYS and will re-distribute the funds as follows:

Team Funding (SYS)
Syscoin Marketing Team 370000
Syscoin Asia Community (SAC) 100055
Syslinks site (Moobaa) 4567
Syscoin Infrastructure Team* 80000

*The Syscoin Infrastructure Team is a new team consisting of Foundation members, @einalex and @willyk - full details of their proposal can be found at the end of this post.

Full proposal details for the SAC proposal can be found here.

Full proposal details for the Syslinks proposal can be found here.

What’s Next for the Syscoin Marketing Team?

In addition to the ongoing SMT work such as social media management, business development, weekly or bi-weekly updates etc, our main point of focus is adoption of the Syscoin Bridge; here are some of the ways we are working with our PR agency to achieve our goals.


Since our last proposal we have made some changes within the team. We have added a business development sub-group consisting of SMT members and Marc Nicholson from Blockchain Foundry, and a marketing sub-group consisting of SMT members and @Sebastien, @Keyare, @BigPoppa, and @einalex. The development division has now moved away to form a separate team called Syscoin Development Team. The upshot of all this is that we are now simply the Syscoin Marketing team, with a sole focus on marketing Syscoin Platform with help from our two supporting sub-groups. Read all about it here https://syscoin.org/news/syscoin-marketing-team-expansion

Expand digital footprint

Now that the digital footprint of Syscoin is firmly established (Google, Syscoin, Click news, etc) we plan to maintain and expand it with relevant articles and thought-leader pieces that highlight Syscoin, such as this CoinTelegraph or Crypto Briefing article. We will also keep an Adwords campaign running to strengthen the marketing activities.

This is the basic foundation we need to maintain for Syscoin Ethereum Bridge and Syscoin Platform itself to remain prominent on the news sites.

Business development, direct outreach

To further promote adoption we will reach out directly to ERC-20 projects, blockchain consultancy and development companies, and other companies that would benefit from using the bridge or Syscoin Platform.

As mentioned above, we have now formed a dedicated team for this and we will be providing them with the tools they need to succeed; such as Bridge and Syscoin Platform sales decks, demo videos showing the bridge in-use with the ERC-20 projects that we are reaching out to, a dynamic fee table to show the fee savings, and much more. We will also share these tools with the rest of the community.


We are about to start a bounty campaign to incentivise ERC-20 projects and blockchain development companies and individual developers to use the bridge and share their experience with us.


We have a strong focus on education; we have partnered up with Blockgeeks a leading blockchain education platform, and we will educate their users on the Bridge and other Syscoin Platform features using webinars and written guides, our first webinar was a great success already!

Events and Working Groups

As partners of 2Tokens and ITSA we are joining working groups and events on a regular basis. We will also resume hosting live events with some of our partners when it is possible to do so.

Budget for June

For the coming round of Masternode funding, we are requesting 554712 SYS. See above for a breakdown of how we will re-distribute these funds (for this governance round only).

High level overview of SMT monthly expenses:

Item Cost ($)
PR and News outlet push including PR agency 4000
Ongoing SDMT costs 1000
Google adwords 500
Learning platforms modules and promotion 1000
Demo videos and sales decks 1000
SMT Staff and Mod compensation 7000
Business development team compensation 2000
TOTAL 16500

As always, we will endeavour to pay our suppliers in Syscoin and will prioritise external cost above staff compensation if needed.


To Vote for this combined proposal

  1. Open your Masternode Qt wallet
  2. Select ‘Tools > Debug console’ from the top menu
  3. Copy and paste the following command onto one line, and hit enter:

gobject vote-many f9e484fd6e894ba4ffb8db67c92f31772dcc5d28f7bb4a0182eb4ac6bfca3b81 funding yes

We are also requesting that masternode holders submit the following commands to help negate the proposals submitted maliciously during last month’s governance round:

gobject vote-many 755c9d4e86d97739b10d23103b645706ce0922379a9b463152431cb6d5b3e1d3 funding no
gobject vote-many aeaa4d3a7e868aee56892971c36cafe26afbea2881fb802f4f100122266bea9e funding no
gobject vote-many 2c4c805c6d908a5917ab1db02725883242c273c680f8804d9768b85694bf25fa funding no

Syscoin Infrastructure Team

The Syscoin Infrastructure Team is a new team set up to maintain the various servers and services that the Syscoin ecosystem relies upon. More information about their proposal:

Who are they?

They are @einalex and @willyk, two long-time supporters of Syscoin and members of the Syscoin Foundation Board.

What do they do?

They have formed the Syscoin Infrastructure team to set up and maintain the various servers and services that the Syscoin ecosystem relies upon.

How much are they applying for?

They are asking for 80k SYS

What will they do with it?

The 80k SYS will cover work they have done over the last two governance cycles (30k SYS) as well as work they will be doing over the next governance cycle (50k SYS).

They started work shortly after @einalex joined the Syscoin Foundation Board, setting up a foundation server to host @syscoin.org emails and provide basic groupware and file storage/sharing services for the teams working on Syscoin. Shortly after that they set up the Syscoin Community Wiki. They are now also hosting the API backend for Syshub.

In the coming months they will be taking over the responsibility of providing several services that have so far been provided by Blockchain Foundry, such as

  • The Syscoin seed nodes
  • The Syscoin 4.2 Testnet
  • Blockchain explorers for Mainnet and Testnet

They will also set up and maintain two additional Bridge Agents.

How does this proposal benefit Syscoin

This work will provide the basic necessary services that the Syscoin ecosystem relies upon.

  • Development on the core of Syscoin will require the new Testnet.
  • The Foundation requires email services and groupware.
  • The Syscoin Bridge will benefit from more bridge agents.
  • The Community already benefits from this forum as an archive of knowledge, support and debate
  • Governance will benefit from the new and secured Syshub – once it goes live again – especially when it comes to submitting proposals.
  • Providing services like seed nodes and blockchain explorers independently of Blockchain Foundry contributes to the decentralization of the Syscoin project.

Don’t forget that when you start your Qt wallet you have to wait between 5-10 minutes for the masternode data to sync in the background before you can vote. The sync progress can be checked with the ‘mnsync status’ command in the console.
It’s finished when it says something like this:
“AssetID”: 999,
“AssetStartTime”: 1592743841,
“Attempt”: 0,
“IsBlockchainSynced”: true,
“IsMasternodeListSynced”: true,
“IsWinnersListSynced”: true,
“IsSynced”: true,
“IsFailed”: false