Assist with old wallet + TX?

Have been trying to move my SYS to a different wallet for the past couple days. For some reason I couldn’t get the latest version of Syscoin Core or Spark to work. I ended up using BM 3.2.0 as it was the only instance in which I could sync and import my wallet. Now I’ve tried to send my SYS to a different wallet for the time being, but I can’t find the TX in either Chainz or Syscoin Block Explorer. I have no clue what’s going on anymore.

BM shows that the transaction ID is: b1cd8e5628ad0434649ad6f2eaaeb2e47477b1e3985a0ddffc333f82318467cc but I can’t find it anywhere. BM says it should be in block 1117533, but Chainz and SBE show different block counts. Idk anymore. Anyone?

The Syscoin 3 chain isn’t relevant anymore as it was snapshot in June 2019 at the beginning of Syscoin 4. Please follow the 3.X.X to 4.1.X --- Upgrade Guide to migrate to Syscoin 4.

I tried to import the wallet into Spark 4.1.3 yesterday but it kept returning errors after agreeing to reindex. BM 3.2.0 was the only instance in which I could successfully import the old wallet for some reason…

So what happens to funds send on the Syscoin 3 chain?

You cannot use a wallet.dat from Syscoin 3 in Syscoin 4 clients. They use a different format, hence why there are upgrade guides. If you run into a problem following one of our guides, please post the specific problem so we can help (and improve the guide) :slight_smile:

Nothing. Transactions on the Syscoin 3 chain after the snapshot was made are irrelevant for your Syscoin 4 balance.

Clean installation of Spark, deleted the previous Syscoin folder in appdata before installing. Running into the same error as yesterday when trying to view syscoin.conf after fully syncing for the debug step. conf

Also running into this error when resyncing now.

You can open it in notepad, it’s just a plain text file. The error message helpfully gave you the path…But if you indeed deleted that folder, the contents of the file won’t be very interesting as it has just been newly created.

Hard to tell what that is about.
Spark is a Blockchain Foundry product so I don’t know a whole lot about it. Syscoin-Qt 4.1.3 should work fine.

Not sure what exactly happened, but after restarting it a few times it fully synced without errors, and I was able to successfully implement the wallet. Thanks!

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