3.X.X to 4.1.X --- Upgrade Guide

Important Preliminaries - Do not skip this section at any rate!

Please read them carefully, we mean it.

  1. Important information for users who are with us since Syscoin 2 or earlier (and all those who aren't sure)

    Syscoin Qt creates a data directory called “Syscoin” if you do not have one. If you have one from a previous installation of Syscoin 2, you will need to rename it or you will encounter errors attempting to read incompatible data.

  2. If you have not already done so make a backup of your wallet.dat. You can find in The Syscoin data directory.

  3. This procedure will ‘Dump’ your existing Syscoin 3 wallet via BM 3 or QT 3 into your public folder, and ‘import’ this wallet into QT4 from the same folder.

  4. You will need a copy of Syscoin-Qt 3 or Blockmarket 3 (it does not need to be synced).

  5. We indicate placeholders by using squared brackets. [USERNAME] becomes bob if your username is bob.

  6. This document contains vital information for the security of your funds throughout the text but especially at the end. Skimp read it at your own peril. You have been warned.

Exporting from a Syscoin 3 wallet

  1. Open either BM or QT and unlock the wallet, you do NOT need to sync.
  2. Export your wallet:
    Procedure for Blockmarket 3
    1. Unlock wallet
    2. Go to Wallet and select ‘Dump wallet’ (Top left) and enter path to save the file




    3. Click Save
    Procedure for Syscoin-Qt 3
    1. Unlock your wallet: Settings->Unlock wallet
    2. Open the debug console: Tools->Debug Console
    3. To dump your wallet, type

      dumpwallet "C:\Users\Public\sys3dump.bmwalletdump"


      dumpwallet "/Users/[USERNAME]/Public/sys3dump.bmwalletdump"


      Type importwallet /home/[USERNAME]/dumpwallet

    4. Press Enter.
  3. Check the file was created correctly:

    Navigate to C:\Users\Public and you will see the sys3dump.bmwalletdump file there.


    Navigate to /Users/[USERNAME]/Public/ and you will see the sys3dump.bmwalletdump file there.


    Take a look at your home folder and you will see the dumpwallet file there.

  4. Now close BM3 or QT3.

Importing into a Syscoin 4 wallet

Please be aware: Syscoin 4 installs into the Syscoin folder. You need to ensure that if you still have one from an earlier version of Syscoin, you rename it prior to running a Syscoin 4 client.

If you get this error when running a Syscoin 4 wallet:

you probably have an existing Syscoin data directory.
Find The Syscoin data directory and rename it.

Now, let’s continue

There are 2 clients you can use with Syscoin 4:

  • Syscoin-Qt4 (required for managing Masternodes) - Open Source - Mac, Windows, Linux
  • Spark (required for managing Assets) - Closed Source, created by Blockchain Foundry - Mac, Windows

Note: You can only run these one at a time as they share the same wallet.

  1. Important! When you run your new Syscoin 4 client and create a new wallet in the next step, make sure that your new wallet is encrypted!
  2. Importing into Syscoin 4
    Importing into Syscoin-Qt 4
    1. Run the latest QT4
    2. Allow it to fully sync.
    3. Open the console, go to Window -> Console
    4. Import the dumpfile

      Type: importwallet /Users/[USERNAME]/Public/sys3dump.bmwalletdump


      Type importwallet "C:\Users\Public\sys3dump.bmwalletdump"


      Type importwallet /home/[USERNAME]/dumpwallet

    5. Press Enter
      • This import will take a while (can be 10 minutes or so) and you will see null in the console when finished.

    Importing into Spark
    1. Check that you don’t have a pre-existing syscoin.conf file in The Syscoin data directory.
    • If you have one, rename or remove it.
      • Spark will write a new configuration file.
      • The new configuration file is compatible with Syscoin-Qt and syscoind
    1. Run Spark and allow to fully sync.
    2. Go to Tools-View->syscoin.conf
      • If there is a line debug=1 change it to debug=0 and save.
    3. Once synced go to Wallet->Import Wallet (Top left)

    4. Change file type from .dat to Spark wallet dump files
    5. Find and select the sys3dump file and press Open and wait




    6. When finished you will get
    7. Once 100% synced you may have to close and open Spark again to see your balance.
  3. Please check that your balance is correctly displayed.
  4. Important! Create a new address and send your entire balance to it.
    • Addresses generated by this wallet, can be recreated from its HD Seed, imported ones cannot.
    • By following this guide, you just saved an unencrypted file, containing all your private keys, in plaintext, on your hard drive.
    • You should consider all your old addresses to be insecure now.
  5. Important! Create a backup of your wallet.dat file and store it in a safe place. You can find it in the wallets subfolder of The Syscoin data directory
  6. Delete the dumpfile that you created when exporting
    • Note: It is unencrypted, plaintext and it contains all the private keys from your old wallet
    • Note: Deleting files doesn’t make them unreadable. One can exfiltrate your old private keys from the harddrive that you saved the dumpfile on. This is why we advised you to encrypt your new wallet, create a new address, and transfer your entire balance to it.