Deposit problems at Bittrex

I sent Syscoins from BM wallet to Bittrex 2 days ago.
But It has not been showed up at the wallet in Bittrex , yet.
So, Bittrex looked up a Syscoin Explorer (Crypto ID). URL

But it says “No matching Result”. So, they refused to give me a credit.

And Later, I found another Syscoin Explorer(Token view).
It shows up every information for the transactions i made.

Do you have any idea of What to do for me to get my coins at Bittrex?

If you sent from BM that means you haven’t updated to the new Syscoin 4 chain yet. Your coins will be there once you follow the update procedure

I am sorry. It is BM3. updated one.
Will you check the both URL for my transaction , please?
Crypto ID explorer cannot find my transaction. But Tokenview explorer can show it.
So, I think Bittrex should give me a credit for these 865 syscoins.
They refused to give me a credit because Crypto ID Explorer cannot find my transaction.

You did send on an old chain. Once you update like NerZee told you to v4.1.3 (on the actual chain) you will find your coins are still there in your wallet.

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Thank you.
I will do that.

I got my syscoins in the new wallet.
Thank you so much.