How to import wallet.dat into 3.0.X.X?

How to import wallet.dat into 3.0.X.X?

I see the steps to upgrade? But it does not show me for the situation where my dat file is not in the old wallet?

You have to download the old wallet and copy your wallet,dat into the correct folder then carry out the procedure, unless you have your private keys.
And i assume you mean import into Sys4.

Sys3 Release

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Where is the correct folder? Everytime I start the wallet, it tell me to backup my wallet. I backed it up then overwrote that wallet with my backup.Try the wallet dump and I get null.

The correct folder depends on the version of Syscoin you are using.

null means it successfully created the dumpfile.

OK, that directory really helped, I found another wallet.dat file and several backups the latest one 11/13/07. So I believe I have the correct folder with the last wallet.dat now

Now I get this message:


Error: Please enter the wallet passphrase with walletpassphrase first. (code -13)

this comment explains how to use that

help walletpassphrase will provide even more information.

my passphrase is a series of ten words separated by spaces, is this the issue?

no, just put it in quotation marks, that should work.
I removed your screenshot to keep your wallet safer :wink:

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Finally, success, look at me I’m a dev now! :smile:

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Hi Einalex, can you help me? I lost my wallet passphrase but i have my seed. What should I do? Many many thanks