Masternode Setup

I followed the Masternode guide to obtain my Legacy address, now I have it, can I go to allnodes and create my Masternodes with them ? or must I complete the guide step by step til the end ?


Oh I just found this simple guide here, is it good enough:

They’ll give you a line to post in your masternode.conf at the end of the setup process.
Find the masternode.conf file in The Syscoin data directory and add the line at the end of that.
Then restart Syscoin-Qt and wait a while (10 minutes or so).
Then follow I cannot initialize my masternode to initialise the masternode.

hmm ok thank you

I saw the guide from JohnP and i says to start with this :

“Please Enable the Masternode Tab and Coin Control it not already enabled”

and it’s not in your Guide, is it important to do ?



Also, I was going to tell you another problem :

in your Masternode Setup Guide here, #5 says this :

  1. Use the GUI, click on the Send tab.
  2. Click on Inputs ...

I don’t see any “Inputs”

But now I can see it since I enabled the Masternode Tab and Coin Control…
So I guess it was missing in your Guide…

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Thanks, I updated the guide.

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I followed this guide but why is my coin not confirmed