Syscoin wallet help

Hello i recently was able to reactivate a dead lptop with my wallet on it. The blockmarket version is still in 1.2.0. How do i transfer my wallet to most updated version without losing my coins? It seems very complicated so is there a step by step clear guide somewhere?

Most important parts are to only work with a copy of your old wallet.dat and to rename the syscoin folder after the dumpwallet procedure

So i can do this from blockmarket v1.2.0? I try to find my wallet.dat on my pc by typing this exactly: C:\Users[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\Syscoin\ but it says no items match my search. How do i find my wallet.dat. I see my syscoin currently in my balance on blockmarket so i know they are still there.

Did you change [USERNAME] to your windows username?