Trying to acces old account

Last acces to wallet was end of 2017.
I did a curl -X GET “dumpriv” or something, that I saved.
curl -X GET “http://localhost:8001/dumpprivkey?address=1KkFcN5YyGfBJccDFDuXnR68mnp7DDEVis” -H “accept: application/json” -H “token: XXXXXXXX.Yau_-XXXXXXX”
I’m guessing that should be my adress and the token should be my private key?

But when searching on the blockhain explorer, it doesn’t recognize the wallet.
I also have the wallet.DAT file still.

Not sure, maybe I never put any syscoin on this wallet, I thought I did.
Just checking my backup of all my wallets, seeing where all my funds are.
So not sure of the explorer says there’s nothing there, that this wallet is just empty? Or is it not the wallet and should I somehow use the very very old wallet.dat file?

Thanks for the help

Based on “end of 2017” your wallet is probably version 2.1.6 at most, maybe earlier.

This guide is for you.