Upgrade QT from 4.0.3 to the newest version

Hello! the last upgrade that i made of my masternode was in december 2019. I am with the 4.0.3 version, and i forgot how the process was, since i am not a programmer. Tha last time, i was helped by einalex and john. The QT syncs up to 43%, but i also copy the wallet.dat file, wich had todays date. (i am afraid that doesnt contain the information of the last weeks, maybe i am wrong). Well guys, thats it, i appreciate any help, thanks a lot!

Those are for the latest QT and Spark versions. You should be able to just install those and be good to go. You might have to reindex if it doesn’t sync.

ive download the new version, (previously i have deleted the old qt), replace wallet.dat, wait for fully sync and now doesnt appear my MN on qt… what have i do? should put any script on putty?

please a i need some help of someone! the indications of last year were much easier than now, with the scripts of putty and all … now I don’t have any guide like before, is an advice that i give to the support team, i have my MN since two years ago, and I’ve never been so lost with the guides like now

Are the funds showing up correctly?

Do you have your masternode.conf file in your Syscoin folder?

i have the funds until march… yes i have the masternode.conf in the syscoin folder, but is empty… should i put there the old configuration? i have it stored, thanks!

ok i did it and now i see my MN, but is new start required… now in putty doesnt match the blocks, i put as a root: sudo service syscoind stop && sleep 20 && sudo su -c ‘syscoind -reindex’ syscoin, and then it appears Error: Cannot obtain a lock on data directory /home/syscoin/.syscoin. Syscoin Core is probably already running.
Adn then the syscli getblockcount is 318745

I don’t know why that error occurred. Follow this guide to reindex both QT and the VPS. Once putty says it’s on the right block you will need to start your masternode again from QT.

ok just fix it putting sysmasternode on putty, because i didnt upgrade on the vps as well, so i did it, it all working, the block count is upgraded and the network info too, the only thing is the syscli masternode status keep sayiing new start required

You will need to start your MN again from QT. Here is a post with the steps - I cannot initialize my masternode