Wallet version 4.1.2 does not sync completely

Sync fails
What to do?

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Hello azzzzone!

We should get that fixed easily :slight_smile:

  1. Please make sure you have the latest version of Syscoin-Qt (4.1.3).
  2. Reindex the chain.

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I have version 4.1.2
Should I download and just install a new one?

Yes, just install a new one. You might need to uninstall the old one as well, but don’t change the data directory. — If you don’t have a backup of your wallet.dat (private keys) yet, this might be a good opportunity to rectify this.

No changes to the data directory are required, except for the reindexing I mentioned.

I have the same problem.
When i open Settings -> Open Configuration File, first i get a warning what i think is normal, but then a error window opens that says “The configuration file could not be opened.”
I have installed windows completly new and downloaded the newest qt “syscoin-4.1.3-win64-setup”.
It is stuck at block 121134.

FIXED: Opened the conf file manual through explorer. I dont know why it doesnt worked through syscoin qt.

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Thanks for letting us know, I’ll update the solution post with the respective file locations.

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