DesktopWallet from august 2018 - laptop broke!

Hello support team,
hi i have a question: in 2018/ 8/26 i downloaded syscoin desktop wallet, qt i think… my old laptop broke, so i only have this 8 Word backup passphrase! how can i get access to my syscoins again? greetings tom

If so that is just your password/phrase to access the wallet, it is not a backup/recovery phrase

hi johnp, finally i found this one: SYS wallet backup from 14.08.2018 DAT-File 672kb
but i failed to open it. which app do i need to open/use it?

Ok thats good, so first thing only work with a copy of the wallet.dat so you always have a good copy.

Based on the date that is a SYS3 wallet so you will have to carry out the conversion from SYS3 to the current SYS4

ok ty johnp, i have to admit this is too complicated for me, this is almost developer work. i am not a computer expert. but thanks for your help!

Not as difficult as it seems
Download SYS3 QT
Open it and then close it
replace the newly created wallet.dat file with a copy of your saved on and open QT 3 again
Carry out the dunpwallet procedure to generate the file.

Install Spark 4.1.3 and open it and let it sync
Carry out the import wallet procedure
Set a password then backup your new wallet.dat


ok i will try…now i am on github: which version of SYS3 QT to download?

hi johnp, i downloaded this:
How to restore the wallet with my old wallet.dat file?

it is needed to go further, right?

I have some spare time so lets go through this step by step but only if you are currently around
Open it and let it run for a minute then close
Then let me know

hi sure… lets do it…

had it open for an hour… now i closed!

better to reply to your post, opened and closed!

You on Windows if so go to C:\Users[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\SyscoinCore\


Ok replace the wallet file with a copy of your saved one

Then open QT3 again

i replaced the wallet file with my old wallet.dat - and reopened wallet again…

Go to Window-Console
Should look like this

We have a guide on how to upgrade from Sycoin 3 to 4 here: 3.X.X to 4.1.X --- Upgrade Guide.
It’s not hard to use, I suggest you try it and post any questions that come up.
The guide doesn’t address which specific version you need to download, because that varies based on which version created your specific wallet.dat file. We should probably address what one can do if that version is unknown.
(Start with the latest (3.2.1) and try that on a copy of the backup, if it fails move to an earlier version and try again (always on a copy).

Using the guide and posting questions allows us to improve the guide and it keeps important information in visible places.
I increased the reply limit for posts on the first day temporarily so you can reply again.

ok thanks , will try it…greetings